Learn How to Effectively Communicate with Your Horse


Gain More Confidence and Get The Results You Want!


Frustrated With Your HorseAre you:

    • Disappointed because you’ve lost your confidence when handling or riding your horse? 


    • Frustrated because you’re not getting the kind of results you want?


  • Thinking about giving up because you don’t know what steps to take next?


I’ve been working with horses for over 35 years and have dedicated my life to them. I have the ability to break things down into a simplified, step-by-step process to help you gain confidence or get better results with your horse and get clear with your communication. Sharing my love of horses and teaching you how to communicate more effectively with your horse is my greatest passion. Your success is my success.

My goal is to help you replace fear with knowledge, gain more confidence, end the frustration and achieve a great relationship with your horse, like I share with all of mine.


Partnership With Your HorseImagine How You’ll Feel When…

  • You have the confidence of knowing what to do when working with your horse. 
  • You know how to effectively communicate with your horse to get the results you want on a consistent basis. 
  • You have the knowledge and confidence to not only train your horse yourself, but also rest easy knowing you’ll never have to send your horse to a trainer again (although if you choose to work with a trainer, you’ll know what to look for). 


Up until now, your only option has been to hire a costly trainer that takes your horse, leaves you in the dark as to what they’re doing, and, more often than not, sends your horse back to you with more behavior problems than when they left. Now, you can take the power back into your own hands by learning how to understand and effectively communicate with your horse. You will be able to develop a deeper bond and have a horse that you truly enjoy.

Your next step
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“If you want to take your relationship with your horse up to a new level then signup for Kim’s Horse Agility class. I thought that I was going to learn a few new tricks and tips to help me towards entering agility online competitions but what I got was a whole lot more. I never thought that agility could enhance my working relationship with my horses. Imagine backing your horse through cones and zig zags patterns. Mind boggling? Ripley and Mya actually waited for my next instructions for the backing exercises as they knew they couldn’t do it without me. What a team we became. Even if you don’t want to do agility competitions, the skills you learn in this class and the deeper bonding you achieve with your horse is well worth the class.”  ~Susan Engle


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