What is Passionate Horsemanship?

Passionate Horsemanship is a holistic approach to working with horses developed by Kim Wende with over more than 40 years of horsemanship education and experience. Passionate Horsemanship combines training principles that Kim has found to be most effective with a wide variety of horses, and is easy for students to learn and successfully implement with appropriate instruction and practice.

Passionate Horsemanship is based on the following foundational principles:

  • Clear and effective communication using positive reinforcement
  • Methods that are kind, but firm
  • Each horse is a unique individual
  • Does not use force, fear or intimidation
  • Helps Develop Connection between horse and handler/rider

Would you like to build a deeper bond and/or improve your horse’s performance having a lot of fun in the process? If so, you’ll want to try Horse Agility!

Horse Agility is a non-mounted sport where the handler directs their horse through a variety of obstacles. Not only is this a fun activity you can enjoy with your horse, it also develops a stronger bond between you and your horse plus it increases your horse’s confidence in the process.

Horse Agility is a great option because any equine can participate. It’s great for horses that are to small or too young to be ridden, for older horses, as well as horses you ride and compete with in other equestrian events.

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