Passionate Horsemanship is about Understanding and Communicating more effectively with your horse so that you can achieve what you most desire in a partnership with your horse.

Whether you are a beginner who lacks the knowledge to confidently pursue your goals, a pleasure rider who just wants to feel safe and have fun when out on the trails, or a more experienced horse owner who wants to learn how to train your horse without relying on force, fear or intimidation tactics that just don’t work long term, I can help you develop the horsemanship knowledge and skills needed to create a safe, enjoyable and mutually rewarding experience with your horse.

My Approach

What makes my approach different? Instead of teaching you a set of mechanical techniques or a cookie cutter method I focus on fundamentals that empower you with knowledge to confidently use the approach that works best for you and the unique personality of your horse. Because horses are different, just like people, not every horse responds the same way to the typical methods used by most trainers.

Unless you understand the psychology and behavior behind the technique, you won’t be equipped to resolve problems that arise when your horse doesn’t follow the “rules”.  You’ll be more effective in your relationship with horses when you understand why they respond to you the way they do.

With more than 40 years of experience with horses, I have put together a comprehensive program that provides foundational principles along with time tested tools and methods. I truly care about your success!

If you want a teacher and horsemanship coach who is dedicated to helping you be successful with your horse, let’s talk. I offer a free consultation so we can get acquainted and discuss how the Passionate Horsemanship methods can benefit you in achieving your goals. There is no obligation and it’s not a sales call.

You have nothing to lose, so what are you waiting for? Click Here to schedule your consultation today!

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