Passionate Horsemanship is a holistic approach to working with horses developed by Kim Wende. Kim has 40+ years of horsemanship education and experience. The Passionate Horsemanship methods combine training principles that Kim has found to be most effective with a wide variety of horses that is easy for students to learn and successfully implement.

Passionate Horsemanship is based on the following foundational principles:

  • Clear and effective communication using positive reinforcement
  • Methods that are kind, but firm
  • Each horse is a unique individual
  • Does not use force, fear or intimidation
  • Helps Develop Connection between horse and handler/rider


What You Can Achieve:

  • Gain confidence for you and/or your horse
  • Overcome trailer loading challenges
  • A horse that respects your space
  • Haltering without difficulty
  • Leading your horse without being pushed around
    and much more…..
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